Hi! Welcome to Jimjo Technology, makers of snappy software. We love writing software and we love it even more when people enjoy using our software!

Here are some of our pet projects:


Enjoy quirky fun on the farm with this simple and uniquely addictive puzzle based game! Someone left the farm gates open and your animals have escaped. By completing each Farm Charm challenge you'll earn hay to bring your animals home. Easy? You bet. Tricky? It can be! Hooked? You will be! Play for free; no login.
Farm Charm is a puzzle-based game involving shuffling your Farm Charms on a board to complete different challenges. It's a clever and witty alternative to ordinary match three games.


Raise high school English, SAT, and GRE test scores the fastest way or simply improve your vocabulary -- with synonym cards!

These tough words are guaranteed to challenge you! Our unique learning technique is a MUCH more effective way to study than ordinary flashcards and alphabetized word lists. Impress your friends with your thesaurus like knowledge as your vocab grows.